About Drinpan Wild

Drinkpan Game is situated 35km west of Thabazimbi in the heart of the bushveld on the farm Drinkpan. The area is characterized by its sweet grazing as well as its tough heartwater veld. At Drinkpan we believe that our excellent natural grazing together with the application of prudent supplementation ensure our animals’ exceptional condition. We farm semi-intensively with all our species which contributes to their adaptability in any part of the country.

Our first Livingstone Eland was introduced on the farm during December 1999. Through many years of selective breeding, Drinkpan managed to breed top quality animals like the bull Magiel, which was sold to Thithombo Game Breeders. After this, several other species were introduced to the farm. Today we specialize par excellence in the breeding of Black and Saddle Back Impala, Livingstone Eland and Nyala of outstanding quality and color. Our game handling facilities are also of exceptional quality.

We invite you to come and view our spectacular animals in their natural habitat.